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Ontd original: A recap of the real world :Atlanta,Mexico City ,and Bangkok

_The first year of Mtv's the real world on Facebook Watch has ended, and with the most diverse cast members ever, the show really lived up to its name. Here is a retrospect for the 5 people who may have watched.


[Spoiler (click to open)]


The Real world Atlanta:

The players:

Arley-21- A dreamer with a four year old

Clint- 28- Conservative farmer. Was chosen by Facebook users in a poll.

_ Dondre- 25- Black T***p supporter who is also pansexual

- Justin- 26- Activist for black causes

Meagan- 23- small town virgin

-Tovah-27 Abuse survivor with trust issues

-Yasmin- 27- body positive model who is queer and Muslim

- The first episode had Dondre asking Arley why she broke the law coming over illegally. He is told the term is undocumented and he later meets her mom who has her faced blurred, tells of their story.

- Clint and Tovah have a toxic relationship from episode 2.

- Dondre and Clint get into a fight over? Dondre does slap a drink out of clints hand.

- Race is discussed with Tovah being accused of playing the victim when Dondre slaps Clints hand away and Tovah says he hit her. She apologized.

- Clint kisses a black woman for the first time. Clint speaking of her to his roomates " She's a black girl, but I see her as a pretty ass white girl" Yasmin speaks to him about how his comments may be perceived as insulting. He thanks her on educating him.

- Yasmin spoke of body positivity and was naked a lot. Someone gets kicked of the last episode for going AWOL on their birthday


The Real World: Bangkok


The players:

Mei-lee- 24- A fashion blogger? Becomes like a big sister to the house.

Zach- 27- born and raised in Missouri and has a culture clash at times with roommates who think he's to Western.

Klong-24- An aspiring rapper unlucky in love

Fifi-23- A dancer who doesn't believe in the word transgender to describe her, as she sees herself as a woman. She prefers gender variant. She does not clean the houses fishtank.

-Ploy- 20-A Muay Thai boxer that all the boys fall for.

Aom-om- 27- A singer whoose weight is a hot topic in the house.

Pao- 28- The only one of his friends not in jail, who became paralyzed from a car accident

- Ploy on meeting Aom- on; " I will help you lose weight in the house. I know know body weight exercises that will tone you".

_ Fifi ask who wants to room with her in a large two bed room that seemed designed for Pao's mobility, but Fifi picked the room before the others arrived. Pao is uncomfortable rooming with Fifi and ends up in the four bed room.

- Fifi says she is a virgin. Mei-lee-" virgin all around? Have you given head before?"
Ploy has a boyfriend but makes out with Zach as she has never kissed a foreigner before. Mei-lee- whisk her away as the others chide Zach for going after her as they say that's not what is done in Thailand. Klong " You are American to the bone,

- When they go out to a drag show Pao is denied due to his wheelchair. They speak of narrow stairs and accidents. The roommates decided to do a community service project and call it "will share "to promote accessibility problems.

- At the club we find out Zach use to date Kandy Zyanide, Drag race Thailand season 2 runner-up. Discussions are had on what it means to be a woman . Aom-om is annoyed that Zach would rather be with someone transgender then with her , who he had made " jokes" about her weight." You couldn't fit in the bed with me"! He apologizes.

El Mundo Real: Mexico City


The players:

-Sofia- 26- born and raised in California and moved to Mexico to find her roots at 16

Mafer- 22- An aspiring fashion blogger trying to get her parents on board with her aspirations.

Diego-19- Rich rude kid

- Emilio- 21- lost his leg to cancer at 13 and goes to children's hospitals to give inspiration

-Melissa -22- A star soccer player who has hidden from her family that she is a lesbian and decides to let them find out from the show.

- Dany-25- A transgender, pansexual drag queen

-Israel- 24 _ An aspiring rapper who raps in an Hnahnu, an aboriginal language.

- Diego is very blunt/rude and ask Emilio how he lost his leg. In the beginning he tells a story of a crocodile. When there is a blackout , a game of what is the most low down thing you have done is played. As Diego tells his story he says it was the most indigenous thing he did. Dany tells him not to be stupid as Israel is right there. Diego say it is just a word for uneducated. Israel says nothing.

- Sofia and Diego agree to pay for a maid two times a week as no one knew how to use the dishwasher. Dany accuses them of being snooty.

- Later in the 5th week Diego says of Israel "it's like an ancient education thing. They didn't teach him to eat with his mouth closed". Israel is hurt by this and calls his father who says he is more educated than all off them. Israel confronts Diego, who says Israel took it the wrong way.

- Dany is distraught when someone at the gym calls her a bro. Emilio tries to understand and that leads to him learning about and helping with Dany's hormone shots.

- Melissa's plans with her parents evolve, Sofia and Diego have a thing, mafer- goes to a fashion show and speaks on body positivity.


1. You don't need a Facebook account to watch. Just type real world Bangkok or whatever and start watching.

2. They broke up the episodes in 3 as to keep people talking and then have the whole episode,24,28 minutes

3. I was able to use the web video caster app to watch on my smart TV. The subtitles would not appear for Mexico and Bangkok, but I also am not tech savvy so there could be an easy solution.
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