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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

BuzzFeed writer causes a ruckus on social media claiming that Friends is “absolute garbage”

To mark the upcoming 25th anniversary of “Friends,” BuzzFeed writer Scaachi Koul wrote an article that has caused a ruckus on social media. Some agree, some do not, others say “click bait.”

Highlights include:

“But loving Friends in 2019 requires a level of mental gymnastics that should force the show to remain a forgotten blip in the past.”

“Rachel got off the plane!!! I was glad, but I was also a virgin and didn’t understand that surely Rachel could find some other dick somewhere in Paris.”

“Friends, a show about white people being thin and having the pointiest nipples in the continental Americas — and a show that I, at one time, watched and enjoyed — is absolute garbage.”

Read the full “hot take” at the first source.

ONTD, do you agree or disagree?

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Tags: 1990s, anniversary / birthday, nostalgia, television - nbc
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