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Billboard ranked 89 Lana Del Rey songs, from "Video Games" to "The Greatest"

With less than 24 hours to go until her new album Norman Fucking Rockwell! finally arrives, Billboard has ranked the songs officially released in Lana Del Rey's major label oeuvre to date. The list omits the songs from her briefly released 2010 album Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant, as well as the multitude of b-sides and demos that have leaked over the years, but includes her credited collaborations with such artists as Cat Power and The Weeknd.

80. "The Blackest Day" (Honeymoon, 2017)

...finds Lana going through the five stages of grief as she attempts to process a breakup. Though she pens two intriguing turns of phrase, "I'm not simple, it's trigonometry," and "All I hear is Billie Holiday," she shies away from exploring either—"It's hard to express/ I can't explain." Honeymoon's back half can feel like a series of distant, beautiful dirges, like watching someone else go through heartbreak at a glacial pace.

60. "Stargirl Interlude" (The Weeknd feat. Lana Del Rey, Starboy, 2016)

40. "Fuck It I Love You" (Norman Fucking Rockwell!, 2019)

A weird, offbeat surf-pop ditty... Though the song's mostly minor-key, it's full of playful little oddities: those rising and falling synths in the chorus, and Lana's almost mumbled pre-chorus, with its dissonant vocal harmonies.

20. "Change" (Lust for Life, 2017)

1. "hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it" (Norman Fucking Rockwell!, 2019)

After eight years, for five and a half minutes, Lana drags you through heartbreak and back... It's the quietest, most vulnerable moment in [her] discography, and the most truthful. Her future is unwritten, but she'll write it with hope.

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What's your favorite Lana song?
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