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Liam Gallagher 'One of Us' Music Video Realeased on the day of 10th Anniversary of Oasis' Split

Liam Gallagher released a nostalgic music video for his new single 'One of Us', aka his 345th song about missing his brother Noel, from the upcoming album 'Why Me? Why Not'.

The video shows three Gallagher brothers as kids (Liam and Noel have an older brother Paul), Liam reminscing about his childhood and a shot of the date 28.08.09 - the day Noel announced he's leaving Oasis. "You said we'd Live Forever", laments Liam in the lyrics.

The video was written and directed by Peaky Blinders creative duo Steven Knight and Anthony Byrne.


aw we still don't have a britpop tag
Tags: british celebrities, family drama, music / musician, music video, nostalgia

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