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Jennifer López covers Variety! Talks about new film, new music, directing, and being a MOGUL!

- at 50, ms. lópez refuses to relinquish the stage. she just came off a 38 show tour, at mostly sold out venues, grossing $55 million. variety reminds you that ms. lópez is a singer with over 10 million albums sold in the Us, a dancer with skills your faves cannot match, an actress who paved the way for others, and a producer who's able to anchor shows both as on-air talent and behind the scenes. whew. legend.

- ms. lópez may direct THE GODMOTHER.

- marry me, a "comedy about a pop star who has to navigate fame in the social-media age" is her next project.

- “I think I’m used to being the boss, which is a weird thing to say out loud. Nobody in my family was really the boss of anything. We all had bosses. But I guess in the past few years, I’ve come into my own in believing in myself and giving myself credit, knowing that ‘OK, you’re running the ship.”

- ramona, the lead character in Hustlers, was written specifically for her. production was postponed so ms. lópez could make the film.

- way more fascinating tidbits at the source. check it out!


i ask you again, ontd, did you get your tickets?! september 13!
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