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Kirsten Dunst gets honest about her career: "I've had a lot of disappointments"

  • When asked when was the first time she ever felt the power of storytelling, Kirsten Dunst answers that she never felt that power because she had a lot of disappointments.

  • Mentions "Marie Antoinette" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous" as projects that people now love, but were panned at the time of release: "I feel like lot of the things I do people like later"

  • Admits that she feels like she had never really been recognized in her industry outside her 2 Golden Globe nominations and 1 Emmy nomination: "I don't know. Maybe they just think I am the girl from Bring It On. I don't know.".

  • When asked if that makes her angry, Dunst answers no, but she sometimes wonders: "What did I do?"

  • Thinks that maybe she's too chill and doesn't play the game enough, but she still does everything she's supposed to: "It's not like I'm rude or not doing publicity"

  • Knows that all you have in the end of the day is your work and that's what people want out of an actor, but thinks that it would be nice to recognized by her peers.

  • Kiki will no longer be directing an adaptation of "The Bell Jar". She couldn't secure the rights and fundings so she left the project. States that she won't pursue directing again until her son is a little older, since directing a project can take up to 3 years of someone's time.

  • The project is still being developed as a miniseries on Showtime with Dakota Fanning still attached.

  • Wishes she had released a perfume or something during the early Spider-Man era so she could make some bank.

  • Would do another superhero movie because that would easily pay for her kid's college.

  • Admits that all of these movies of hers getting reboots and remakes are a testament of her good taste.

  • Kiki is getting her star on the Walk of Fame on August 29.

  • Director Sofia Coppola and actor Jesse Pleamons (Meth Damon, ha husband) will be the speakers at the event.

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Are you recognized by your peers, ONTD? Do you think Kirsten Dunst is underrated? TYFYA!
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