Pete Davidson Under Fire For Verbally Abusing Students at University of Central Florida

Remember Pete Davidson? He had a brief brush with fame after getting engaged to pop star Ariana Grande, which no doubt helped his Saturday Night Live career at the time. Now, the controversial comedian is currently in hot water once again for bad behavior while performing stand-up at the University of Central Florida.

Not only did he curse out students and call them slurs (including the r-word), he yelled at those who were filming him despite the "no camera rule," but someone managed to get audio of his rant, anyway. Twitter is now filled with comments from upset students who attended the event, including claims he told them to "get off [their] phone or he'd tell another pedophile joke" and that he called students "bitches and the r-word."

According to one Twitter user, after his "drug-fueled rant," he then back-tracked and attempted to turn it into a motivational speech. Someone also posted to the UCF subreddit, and dozens of students chimed in with their disgust.

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