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Hollywood Shuts Out Latinx Actors, Filmmakers 

Hollywood has failed miserably to provide Latinx actors with starring roles in major movies.
The report examined the 100 top grossing movies from 2007 to 2018.
3% of the films had Latinx actors in lead or co-lead roles. 4.5% of all speaking characters were Latinx. 
Things weren’t much better behind the camera.
4% of the 1,200 films were directed by Latinx filmmakers. One director was a Latina.
Just 3% of producers were Latino, and most of these producers were men. 

The most frequently hired Latinx actors were Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Eugenio Derbez, and Jessica Alba. 
Roles grew more scarce for Latinx actors as they got older.
Only eight male and two female leads, co-leads or members of an ensemble cast were played by Latinx actors who were 45 years or older.

When Latinx actors got cast the roles they played sometimes trafficked in stereotyping.
A quarter of Latinx speaking characters were depicted as criminals, and 17% were portrayed as poor.
Fifty four percent of the Latinx characters depicted with a job were given occupations such as construction workers and farmers that do not require college education. 

Almost no movies showed Latinx characters with a disability or Latinx characters from the LGBT community.

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