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22 (5) TV Shows Premiering in the 2019-2020 Season that are Ending

Schitt’s Creek
After a slow but steady rise in popularity and finally getting that Emmy recognition with 4 nominations this year, we say goodbye to the Rose family next year. The sixth and final season begins January 2020 on Pop TV in the US and CBC in Canada.

The Good Place
Fork! The fourth and final season of “The Good Place” begins next month on September 26th 2019 on NBC. It was a show we knew couldn’t go on for too long, but we’re still sad to see it go.

How To Get Away With Murder
What started off as a strong show has slowly started to leave viewers a bit unsure. I think most of ONTD is ready to see this chapter close and see Viola Davis go into greater and bigger things. The final season begins September 26th on ABC.

Modern Family
From past comments it seems 99% of ONTD is ready to see this show come to an end already. The eleventh and final season will premiere on September 25th 2019 on ABC.

People can soon finally stop asking, “This show still on???” The fifteenth and final season begins on October 10th on the CW.

See the full list at the source.

ONTD, which show(s) are you most sad to see go?

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