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ONTD Original: The Most Underrated Drag Queens Of "RuPaul's Drag Race"


Last week, we dragged the most overrated queens of "RuPaul's Drag Race." Today, we will celebrate the most underrated queens.

Don’t come for me if your fav isn't on this list, because everyone has an underdog queen they feel hasn’t gotten fair dues. But I had to narrow it down.


giphy (23).gif

A true legend. The younger fans have no idea what a talented, sweet, shady, beautiful, legendary queen Miss Tati is except for her (totally unfair!) stint on AS2.

Kennedy Davenport


Kennedy did make it to the final two on AS3, but she is still underrated. She gave a heart-wrenching speech about how fans overlook her, and it’s true. A lot of it is because of Untucked, where she and Ginger Minj threw shade at Pearl, Max, and Violet. But looking back, nothing they said is untrue. It’s cruel that people stan those bland twinks but ignore Kennedy.

Ginger Minj


The same is true of Ginger Minj. She went to top 3 on season 7, and made it to top 5 (?) on AS2. But she is still underrated in favor of some identical-looking skinny bitches.

Pandora Boxx


Pandora, my bug-eyed bb. Not only is her Carol Channing snatch game legendary, she was sweet and talented. But Ru just couldn’t see it! The children nowadays do not remember Pandora, which is a shame because she is delightful.

Ivy Winters


Ivyyyyyyy Winteeeeerrrrrrs! Everyone knows the name, but this talented sweetie has faded into the background. She still travels the world performing, but keeps her real life low-key by living on a farm.


giphy (22).gif

Aja is fucking talented and she turns unique, incredible looks. She should at least be on par with Miz fucking Cracker and Farrah Moan. Her rap in “Sitting on A Secret” is iconic.

Roxxxy Andrews


This is a controversial decision, but it’s true: Roxxxy was overrated on AS2, but she is now underrated because of the backlash. She is truly an amazing queen, but the fandom stays salty against her because of Alaska’s and Detox’s decisions, which Roxxxy couldn’t control, btw.

Mariah Balenciaga


Another icon from an early season. They don’t make shady, sassy, glamorous queens like this anymore.

Mayhem Miller


Mayhem didn’t go very far in her season, but The Vixen should have been eliminated instead of her. As it is, most people do not appreciate Mayhem for her performance ability and lewks.

Also underrated: Jaidynn Dior Fierce, Joslyn Fox, Acid Betty, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Nina Bonina Brown, Jaymes Mansfield, Thorgy Thor, Darien Lake

Who do u think is the most underrated queen?

Source: my tv
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