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Taylor Swift for "Sunday Morning"

_ Taylor Swift spoke to "Sunday Morning" about her new album.

_She says that she writes songs in the middle of the night or when she can't sleep as she plays one for the interviewer.

_She says there is a different language for men and women in the music industry. A man is strategic. A woman is calculating. A man can react, a woman can only overreact.

_ She found out online that her music was sold and says that she and the president of big machine had endless conversations about scooter Braun, but he had $300 million reasons to conveniently forget those conversations.

_ When asked about addressing haters she says " When they stop coming for me I will stop singing to them".

_ She disagrees that you have to forgive and forget and that you can move on with not doing those things and just become indifferent. She does believe in forgiveness for people that are important and have added to her life and who have had troubles, but toxic people who have only been toxic she sees no point.

_ Swift never directly speaks of who or what inspired her song " Soon you'll get better" , but her mother sufferd a relapse in her health at the time. Swift says she's never written a song like that and that feeling is something you don't deal with until you have to and that writing about it was really emotional She starts to choke up at the end of the sentence.

_When asked what does she think she will be doing in 20 or 30 years, Swift says that question makes her go into a panic spiral that she has always gone into thinking about the future. She only thinks 6 months into the future for touring reasons. She tells herself it's ungrateful to think you will have 20 years and just be grateful you have today.


Ontd: Does thinking about the future make you nervous or motivated?

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