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13 Reasons Why Star Justin Prentice Says There's No Redemption for Bryce

Justin Prentice talked about his character's journey with TV Guide.

"There's no redeeming what Bryce has done. He has done atrocious things. I think he's certainly trying to make amends in his own ways for the actions that he's done. I think it's an interesting arc for him, in that we get to see him struggle with empathy, what it means to actually take other people's feelings into account. He's always just sort of been the alpha, jock who can do whatever he wants without consequences. This is the first time he's really had to go, 'Oh, I've done some irreparable damage to people.' He sort of struggles with how to go about doing that. He's learning to be emotional for the first time. It by no means rights the wrongs that he has done, but in his own way he is trying." "You don't have people who are monsters and only do bad. There's good and bad for everybody. It's all a spectrum. It's very real to portray Bryce in this grey area. I think that it's important for people to see that every character, especially in this season, has secrets. Every character has a good side. Every character has a dark side."

Timothy Granaderos also talked about the possiblity of redemption for his character Montgomery de la Cruz, whose actions are revealed to stem from his repressed homosexuality and abusive father.

"You have to be careful because I don't think you can be redeemed for doing an act such as what he does in Season 2. It's more of an explanation and an insight into why [Monty] acts the way he does and why he's so aggressive all the time. He's a product of his environment." "In Season 3 you see that [Monty] has denied himself these temptations that he might have had in the past. You meet this new character, Winston, who opens him up to a new idea. I think, with a little time and a little more nurturing, more care, I think Monty could have come a long way with himself. It's sad and tragic that it ended the way that it ended though."

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