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cardi b is buttercup, a gangsta, a good girl, and a lion--oh my!

  • cardi b is on the receiving end of another lawsuit. this time for $5 million by a man named kelvin michael brophy, jr., who claims she used a photo of his tattoo on her gangsta b*tch music: vol. 1 mixtape without his permission.

  • watch a video of highlights below (or just read the tweet source):

  • cardi also argued that she is too famous for the vidoe of her deposition to be released, as footage of her would likely be manipulated into viral memes--which the court agreed with.

  • the judge is reserving the right to mark the full transcript confidential as well, but hopefully he give sus what we want, which is more ontological discourse courtesy of cardi.

sources 1 | 2 | 3

honestly, the root did a much better job of writing up this story than i did, as usual, and i strongly suggest reading it at the source.
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