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Trisha Paytas exposed Youtube's popular friend group Vlog Squad

Last year youtuber Trisha Paytas (31) broke up with another Youtuber Jason Nash (46) who's a member of a Youtube friend group known as "Vlog Squad."

After being talked about in a podcast hosted by two members of the squad Trisha responded by uploading an 11 minute video on youtube addressing the drama and sharing her horrible experience with the group. She also mentioned in a series of now deleted instagram stories that she plans to upload a part 2, 3, and 4 video in the future.

In the video Trisha talked about
- her Starbucks encounter with Jeff- the podcast host. Long story short Jeff left Starbucks without his coffee and sandwhich when she saw Trisha. He didn't acknowledge her
- how David (23) the leader of the group teaches everyone not to respond to her
- alleged underaged dating in the group & sexual harassments
- how David told Jason to dump her after she tried building a relationship with Jason and his children
- her time at a mental hospital and how Jeff, David, and Jason came when she didn't want them there
- how she and Jason hid their relationship for 3 months from David
- she's angry at Jeff for laughing cause he doesn't know anything about their relationship
- how Jeff's friends has so much "shit, and blood, and dirt" in their hand
- she wished everyone good luck followed by a fuck you

Source: 1, 2
Tags: internet celebrities
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