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missy elliott announces new project, 'iconology', will be released tonight at midnight

  • icon, missy elliott, has announced that she will release her latest music project, appropriately titled iconology, tonight at midnight.

  • the release of iconology marks missy's first new album since the cookbook, which was released in 2005.

  • the new album arrives just in time for missy's return to the mtv video music awards on monday, august 26th; her first performance at the award show since 2003 where she will be awarded the michael jackson video vanguard award.

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i like the sagmeister + walsh environmental design but i wish the background had graphics and color. in the course of making this post, i learned that shia labeouf has a pair of matching missy elliott tattoos on his knees, which is officially his only redeeming quality. ontd, are you ready for new missy...?
Tags: award show - mtv movie awards, black celebrities, missy elliot, music / musician, music / musician (producers), music / musician (rap and hip-hop), shaking and crying

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