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Taylor Swift on GMA! Interview! Performances! Her Right Wing Dad! Her Messy Fans!

Taylor Swift was on GMA this morning while her album was leaking for an interview and 3 performances. In the interview she talks about her fans, her parents being there, her release week excitement etc. The most important bit was when she confirmed she was re-recording her albums to be released in 2020 when her old label contract will allow her to do so.

She performed Shake It Off, Me! (RIP spelling) and You Need To Calm Down. GMA posted clips on Youtube (full performance links are in the video descriptions)

Getting exposed as a republican hasn't stopped Scott Swift from promoting the album of his now-Liberal daughter! Fresh off exclusive ONTD reporting that Daddy Swift is an out and proud right wing nut-job, he was spotted with Taylor staff passing out pizza and guitar picks:

It is unknown if Scott was willing to give guitar picks to "illegal immigrants", "crackheads", "unemployable scroungers" or "criminals"

Apparently, cleaning up trash isn't FUN! Taylor Swift's fans left this on the side of the road where they were lined up overnight for her GMA performance (which is happening as I type, update to follow)

The Swift Family's favorite people tweeted out excitement about Taylor's concert! Who knows if she will shout out Blue Lives Matter, or if that's just her Dad.

They were quick to point out that they are committed to keeping Swifites safe

Also Spotted at GMA: noted scammer and Taylor Swift token black gay friend Toddrick Hall. I'm sure he'll be doing exclusive interviews about this moment for the next 6 months!

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ONTD, are you watching Taylor shake her shit on GMA? Do y'all think Lover will leak today?? UPDATE: It leaked. Listening post?
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