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Rennsday Renner Update: Hustling, Hoaxes & Team MCU Spider-Man

Because acting, house flipping & singing aren't enough & having a roommate doesn't come cheap, ONTD's Femminist King Jeremy Renner has opened his own Amazon store.

Jeremy along with other celebrities fell for a hoax making its way around social media about Instagrams new terms of service.

"FYI you should always understand that all we do and say is NOT private Understand your personal privacy laws #socialmedia I have always felt this way Much love"

He deleted it after being made fun in the comments with people bringing up Nigerian Princes and such.

Of his his own volition & totally not because he was probably prompetd by anyone at Marvel or because he doesnt want his upcoming series cancelled. Jeremy made on post on social media beggint Sony to allow Spiderman back into the MCU.


ONTD, Are you naive?
Tags: actor / actress, celebrity social media, jeremy renner, marvel, my body is ready, slow news day, spider-man, who asked for this

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