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Lena Dunham Writes About Her Interior Decorating + Why Jack Antonoff Left

lena dunham ontd.jpg

Lena Dunham wrote an essay about her emotional connection to interior decorating, and why Jack Antonoff moved out. Details:

bulletpoint.png Lena's parents constantly moved to different mansions, townhouses, condos and lofts when she was a child, but:

"My mother would be mad if this made us sound like we had a lot of money to hurl around"

(Her mom's current home is a Colonial home in Connecticut that has artwork from Richard Prince and Matisse.)

bulletpoint.png Lena bought a pre-war apartment in New York when she was just 26.

bulletpoint.png Jack Antonoff did not care for Lena's decorating taste, and she did not want to compromise with his taste.

bulletpoint.png Lena wanted pink walls, artist-designed furniture, designer pillows, pastel dishes, a pile of vintage Harlequin novels, and all her tchotchkes. He wanted light gray walls, a Restoration Hardware couch, and an oversized clock.

bulletpoint.png But it was his fault. Lena says, "But he didn’t like living among the insides of my mind."

bulletpoint.png Lena also let the dog pee wherever it wanted on the floor.

lena ontd.jpg

lena ontd 2.jpg

ontd lena 2.jpg

lena dunham ontd home.jpg

What's ur decorating style?

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