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Jonathon Groff talks season 2 of Mindhunter

About the Atlanta child murders:
-Groff listed to Atlanta Monster podcast and read The Evidence of Things Not Seen by James Baldwin
-Head writer Courtenay Miles did a ton of research for the show trying to grasp all of the different opinions and theories about the murders and political atmosphere of Atlanta btwn 78 & 82

Holden's new take in his interviews in S2
-Holden only wants to interview certain killers that are interesting to him; Groff describes him as 'snobby' with the interview subjects
-Barney (Albert Jones) becomes the 'new' Holden during the interviews Holden feels are 'beneath him' because the killers aren't intelligent. Barney gets the answers and makes the connections Holden did in S1 to get the answers they are looking for

Holden has no one
-Calls Tench when in the hospital because he has no one else
-Realized Tench is the person he will call for help b/c Tench is important to him
-Isolated himself end of S1


That ending though!! Discuss S2! I know we all binged the whole thing already!! No spoiler cuts necessary. Also, Groff's booty is a thing of beauty!
Tags: jonathan groff, netflix, television, true crime

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