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Eva Amurri Martino Addresses Her Daughter’s “Cinco de Marlowe” Mexican Themed Birthday Party


Eva Amurri Martino is defending her decision to have a Mexican-themed “Cinco de Marlowe” party to celebrate her daughter Marlowe Ma’s 5th birthday.

People were upset after she shared photos from the party on Instagram of children in colorful sugar skull makeup and a picture of Marlowe trying to break open a taco-shaped piñata.

[Her Explanation]A little note on our Mexican themed party for Marlowe: with everything going on in this political climate, I thought now would be a great time to celebrate Mexico and the role it has had in our country culturally. Anybody who knows Marlowe knows she is obsessed with Mexico- she has had incredible Latin women taking care of her from three weeks old, and one in particular from Mexico who would always call her “cinco de Marlowe” on May 5th. Spanish was actually Marlowe’s first language before English, which made me really proud that she was getting so much from another culture. We moved from Los Angeles, but when the movie Coco came out, Marlowe loved it and felt really connected to it because she had heard about a lot of the themes of the movie from people she cares about. She wanted all these things brought together for her fifth birthday since she was finally, actually turning “cinco”! Of course this party was a rudimentary representation of Mexican culture since it was for young kids. This aside, we don’t only think it’s important to highlight the beauty of Mexican culture, or the horrors of the attack on Mexicans of late, with a bday party. From when this all first started, we have been donating to those effected- and I also wrote a blog post which I’m putting in my bio. (unfortunately this has been going on a long time so the post is from a while ago. Please comment on it with additional charities you love). We also have been calling our senators.
Somebody reached out to me directly (in a kind way) to let me know that Marlowe’s theme offended them. They didn’t know the reasoning behind why we picked it, but I wanted to take a minute to say that this theme was picked because of a love for Mexico and its people and a desire to celebrate in the midst of a lot of hate.. Regardless of that, I know so many emotions are running high right now surrounding this topic, so sorry to anyone we offended! ❤️ (also I wanted to note that I shared all the birthday wishes with Marlowe yesterday and she says thank you)


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