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Michael Jackson fans get #LiesofLeavingNeverland trending in multiple countries

(I was reading about this woman recently, she was Michael's personal assistant - when Michael was accused the first time, she abruptly vanished to Greece and didn't come back til the civil suit was over. She was subpoenaed in the criminal trial but that didn't happen. Really suspicious that his right hand woman, who organized Michael's life including trips with and gifts to his little kid friends, abruptly fucked off back home while her boss was being investigated)

· #LiesofLeavingNeverland was a trending topic for most of Saturday (in the US) following a fan campaign to promote a documentary of the same name. The documentary was released last week across multiple platforms, including Youtube, and featured Wade Robson in a leaked video deposition; fans say the deposition proves Wade is lying after inconsistencies between his deposition and statements made in the documentary Leaving Neverland. It is unknown who produced the documentary but fans speculate that Michael Jackson's estate is behind it
· The topic trended internationally in Australia, the US, the UK, and Sweden, among others and received support from Michael's nephew Taj, who is crowdfunding a rebuttal documentary himself
· Most people tweeting used the tag as an opportunity to deride James Safechuck and Wade Robson as liars, point out contradictions in Safechuck's and Robson's testimonies, praise Michael and, of course, discuss conspiracy theories explaining the allegations against MJ ("they're using Michael to distract from the REAL pedophiles" being most common)

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regardless of how you feel about mj, it is scary to go through the tag and realize most people know absolutely nothing about child sex abuse & trauma, phew. even taj told billboard he knows they're lying bc he was molested and you can't admire someone who molested you, phew, i mean...
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