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ONTD Original: The Most Overrated Queens Of "RuPaul's Drag Race"


"RuPaul's Drag Race" has turned out some amazing stars in its 11 seasons on air. But it has also turned out some majorly overrated queens, too.

So, who are the most overrated drag queens every to come out of "RPDR?"

Naomi Smalls

giphy (18).gif

Naomi pretty much sailed through season 8. Aside from her clever costume for the Wizard of Oz challenge, was she ever exceptional, except for her nice legs? No. She redeemed herself a bit on All Stars, but her strength is just her legs and her fashion, which she doesn't even design or sew herself.

Farrah Moan


Talent? Where? Farrah is gorgeous, and she gave us some entertaining moments, but only because of her whiny personality. She's a cute, fishy twink who looks pretty in clothes. Fight me.



Valentina's put-on quirks for the cameras naturally eccentric personality and the fact that she is pretty won her millions of obsessive stans who would send death threats to anyone who dared criticize her. Valentina is talented, don't get me wrong... but the bitch is not nearly as talented, funny, quirky, or unique as her stans insist.

Miz Cracker


Miz Cracker had a huge stan base coming out of season 10... for what? She's blonde, petite, and makes semi-funny jokes, occasionally. Her critics have always said that she rides other people's coattails to mediocrity... and they're right.


giphy (17).gif

Look, I like Aquaria. But she's another one whose youth and beauty overshadow the fact that her actual talent level is only medium. Great gowns, beautiful gowns.

Latrice Royal

giphy (19).gif

This pains me. It fucking pains me. But Latrice is considered a legend... mostly because of "Get those nuts away from my face," a line she said almost 10 years ago. She was arrogant and a flop on All Stars, but the producers created that stupid lip-sync tournament to get her back in the game. I love Latrice, but she is not untouchable.

Trixie Mattel

giphy (20).gif

Children, let me ask you this: how, how, HOW did Trixie become such a big star? She was mediocre on season 7 and only came back through a fluke. She was mediocre on All-Stars and only won as a fluke. She became famous through a fluke because her web series with Katya happened to be a hit. Honestly, I think that + her blonde hair, pink clothes, and ugly-ass makeup make her recognizable.

RuPaul Charles

tenor (5).gif

Facts are facts.

Runners-up: Violet Chachki, Plastique Tiara, Milk, ChiChi DeVayne

Watch for the next installment, "The Most Underrated Queens of 'RuPaul's Drag Race.'" I look forward to fighting with you in the comments.

Who do you think is the most overrated queen?

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