Vulture ranks every Taylor Swift song

Vulture magazine ranked every song that Taylor Swift has ever released. The rules are that it has to be released under her name and it excludes songs that only feature her. That's a total of 128 songs (ignore the 126 in the tweet).

128. Look What You Made Me Do

Dead last is the Right Fred Said lead single off Reputation. Vulture says "the songwriting just isn't there" and calls the chorus dropping after the buildup a musical equivalent of a Looney Tunes gag.

127. Umbrella (iTunes Live From Soho)

I don't know why this is ranked so low because I think it's nice

4. Blank Space

My personal favorite. The Max Martin produced song was a big hit. Vulture says it has the right mix of irony and sincerity.

2. All Too Well

This fan favorite misses out on the top spot but lands at #2. Vulture called it Taylor "at her most literary" and "you can't get rid of this song".

1. You Belong With Me

The song that propelled Taylor from country star to crossover star. Everyone knows the line about "she wears short skirts I wear t-shirts". This is the song and video she won her first VMA for that Kanye famously interrupted.


What do you think Taylor's top 5 songs are?
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