Montana Wildhack (demented_21) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Montana Wildhack

SVU Promo for the Season 21(!!!) Premiere: Olivia Benson Is Back to Take Down Al Swearengen

Law & Order: SVU returns with its record-breaking 21 Season on September 26! Thankfully, along with the new season, we are also getting a new/old showrunner, namely Warren Leight who gave us Seasons 13 through 17, and whose departure directly led to the show's creative decline in the past 3 seasons. Let's hope he gets SVU back on track. If anyone can, it's him.

In the season premiere, we will see the amazing Ian McShane, who will be using an English accent (yas!) and appears to be playing a Harvey Weinstein-type, i.e. a big time producer and/or director who targets nubile actresses. By the way, the new/old showrunner is the same showrunner who gave us that SVU episode in which Paula Deen killed Trayvon Martin (a true modern classique), so ~ripped from the headlines~ cases are his specialty. I wonder what he's going to mix-and-match into this story.


ONTD, welcome to the first SVU post of the season! Season 21! canyoubelieve.gif?? I missed you! How have you been? Did you miss me SVU? Or, rather, do you miss the old SVU posts, when we all watched and (mostly) enjoyed the show and commented enthusiastically? Do you hope the new/old showrunner will give that back to us? Do you also hope that, since he created the character, he will bless us with more Carisi content after 3 years of jack shit? (btw, I'm pretty sure I've used this Carisi gif before, but there aren't any new ones and also it's purdy). And, lastly, since we don't have any information on new cast members yet, who would be your dream ADA? (lol j/k I know y'all want Barba back)? Thank you and I love you!
Tags: law and order (nbc), mariska hargitay, television, television - nbc, television - premiere / finale, television promo / stills
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