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olivia wilde signs historic film deal with new line cinema

  • olivia wilde has signed a deal with new line for her next directorial effort; at one point, around 18 people were bidding on her next project including a $20 million deal from netflix.

  • the actor-director has agreed to a record-setting deal with new line for her sophomore film, don't worry, darling, a drama thriller about a 1950's housewife who uncovers a disturbing truth to her perfect life.

  • wilde will direct, star, and produce along with katie silberman, who wrote booksmart. roy lee and miri yoon of vertigo entertainment will also produce with catherine hardwicke as executive producer.

  • as part of the deal, the filmmakers and producers stand to get 50 percent in the profit participation, which kicks in when the movie breaks even. that means after the movie breaks even, wilde and her team will take 50 percent of the profits moving forward making the deal one of the biggest ever in hollywood history. the industry hasn't seen one like it since director todd phillips's deal for the first hangover movie in 2009. phillips was able to score a 30 percent backend deal, but only after warner bros, (new line's parent company) made budget cuts to the film to accommodate phillps' desire to cast then-non-marquee names, bradley cooper and zach galifianakis.

  • new line has a history of championing genre movies and new directors, so this is a natural fit.


i'm happy for her and think booksmart is well directed even if i know i won't like don't worry, darling. also, why don't we have a "film - director(s)" tag?
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