Another Victim comes forward accusing Sexual Predator Katy Perry of Sexual Misconduct

Katy Perry who is fresh off losing a law suit for copy right infringement is suffering another blow. The singer who killed a nun late last year is now facing allegations of sexual assault by a female TV host in the country of Georgia. Tina Kandelaki said Perry harassed her at an industry party where Perry made unwanted advances, fondled her & Perry inappropriately touched her and tried to kiss her. Kandelaki says she firmly rejected Perry’s advances, but the ugly shoe designer continued to act inappropriately with other people attending the event. Just this week the Perry's co star from her Teenage Dream video said Perry pantsed him at a party revealing his penis to everyone. many on ontd dismissed him but now that more people are coming out about the Harvey Weinstein of Santa Barbara Perry has had a history of sexually assaulting people but the katykats have used the tired ass excuse of that's just her.