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ONTD Original: United We Can't Stand; 6 Things ONTD Users Hate

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. I am not excluded from the hypocrisy of these. Let's get started.

Water 🚰💦

The life giving liquid has very few fans amongst the Jackal Coalition (That's us). We don't seem to discriminate here; From Lemon to Holy, water in one of its many forms is spat upon. It's not even just us; Celebs hate the beverage as well.

Pun slightly intended.
Luckily, no one seems to be against bathing - which often includes water. Not like it matters, we're all online. However, sparkling water is gaining ground - What say you?

How Hated?: 50%. Some of us enjoy having a working digestive system!

✈🌍 Air Travel

From the cost, to "woke" celebrities with child girlfriends taking private jets, to letting kids fly alone, to reclining seats, and crashes that may or may not have happened, we've made our distate for the friendly skies clear. Post Malone probably hates them too, as he seems to be a magnet for disasters no matter what the mode of transportation is.
How Hated?: 95%

🤹🏻‍♂️👎🏻White Men
s/o to fotografa for their consistent stanning of Jeremy Renner! Standing alone in the face of danger! You and that Brett Michaels stan.
From colonialism to looking like frogs, white men have gotten away with a lot; And find a lot of fans in the process. Marvel has helped massively with this

However, they are - slowly - getting better as as a whole. Perhaps in 500 years they will realize that 'white boy' is not on the same level as the n-word. Also, Like not  vaping on planes, son!

Despite the public fury against the fuck ups of the free world, you'll often find comments in the darkest posts, posts where they think everyone has left, offering admiring statements ("We stan a legend", "Suck my asshole") to one or two white men, and I am not excluded from this narrative. At least not the "we stan" part, the asshole part, yeah, I'm excluded.

How Hated?: 💯% minus 95%

Bigotry and Discrimination 😡👿

Discrimination is widely believed to be awful, and rightfully hated! And like your favorite woke bands and celebrities, it's often just a farce.

With the rise of white nationalism and a pushback against progress, even this humble, dying website is not free from those who would "Make ONTD great again".

Tasteless rhetoric and statements that would have received a flurry of +1s ten years ago are inching their way back. Discussion is fine, but let's leave the discrimination to 4Chan, MAGA Twitter, and Reddit. Most of you are good people, there are just a few bad apples that are often quickly shunned. Let's be aware of more subtle forms of discrimination as well.

If certain people were still with us, they'd ask, innocently of course, how I can put discrimination is wrong right under 'white men consistently fuck up the world'. But they're not!

How Hated?: Depends on who you ask 👀

🌟Disney ✨

When you wish upon a star to run the box office, you end up with 1/2 the entertainment world in your pocket.

Surely you'd have enough resources to pay workers properly, support more than one non-white male director a year, and take creative losses, right?


Ha ha ha. WRONG.

Not quite; Bob Iger was paid 65.6 million in 2018 - and heiress Abigail Disney doesn't like that.

Maybe the world has had enough - Besides Disneyland Paris, park attendance has dropped 3% in the past fiscal year worldwide. Let's not even start at how Disney owns ABC, which often hosts the circus that has been The Oscar Ceremony for the past how many years.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go enter the sweepstakes to win a trip to Galaxy's Edge.

How Hated?: Whenever there's not a Marvel or Star Wars movie.

👶🚼 Children

Maybe it's because 90% of us can either not afford to start a family or haven't picked through the white men to date and marry, but many here cannot stand children, even when they belong to good parents.

There's also a healthy concern for the state of the planet; Too many people using resources, and as I often like to say, "Increased job competion". Never fear, there are actually declining birth rates.
How Hated?: 90%

Stay cool, and remember:

These are things, not people. If someone wants to make one about hated celebs, well...👀😃

source: ya'll.
Disney section: 1, 2
Tags: disney, food / food industry, men are weak, ontd original
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