Fitness influencer washes her butt with holy water in Bali

Czech influencer Sabina Dolezalova, uploaded a video splashing her ass with sacred water in a temple in Bali. The temple is located in Ubud Monkey Forest, a sacred space which contains three temples and over 700 monkeys. Sabina was just chilling by a tiny waterfall with another influencer, Zdenek Slouka, laughing and hugging on the holy grounds, something that locals already consider disrespectful. They then took things to the next level when Slouka suddenly lifted Dolezalova’s skirt and splashed some holy water onto her butt.

Locals have asked for a tourist boycott from temples in Bali. The couple ended up apologizing to the locals of Padangtegal village, who own the temple and will have to partake in a traditional ceremony to seek forgiveness from the gods on August 15.

After all the negative comments, the pair went private on Instagram and also released an apology video, claiming that they were unaware of the water’s significance. However, Czech-speaking citizens pointed out that their conversation in a previous video they posted suggested that they knew they were playing around with holy water.

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