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Is ‘Euphoria’ a Rare Positive Take on Sex Work, or Yet Another Pornographic Male Gaze?

One of the series’ many envelope-pushing plot-lines revolves around sex work.
After losing her virginity, Kat discovers a video has been uploaded to PornHub without her consent. 
She decides to take matters into her own hands and turn a profit from her viral fame.

To some, it’s the rare positive media portrayal of sex work; an empowering and relatable example of sex work as self-actualization. For others, it is not only unrealistic but worrisome, and tainted by the show’s overwhelmingly male gaze and highly critical lens on porn.

Kat's generous client showers her with money for humiliating him (a pay pig, or financial domination).

HBO confirmed the production did not consult any sex workers in the development of the show.
Kat being underage raises the question around consent.
Can the storyline even be considered sex work ?
In reality it would be very difficult for her to work online as a camgirl.

In season 2, will sex work ultimately be a tool for liberation or a path to self destruction ? 
If “Euphoria” wants to do right by its sex worker character, they should listen to sex workers.

Tags: sexism, television - hbo
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