What's old is new again: Netflix announces a new show with a familiar premise

• Earlier today Netflix announced their new show called Ginny and Georgia.

• Georgia is a former teen mom who is described as being "irresistible and dynamic" while her daughter, Ginny, is a “very smart, rebellious, and vulnerable teenager beneath an armor of outspokenness and quick wit.” And the twist is that the teen daughter acts like the grown up of the house!

• The series takes place in a "picturesque" New England town. Ginny tries to adjust to life at a fancy private school, and juggles multiple love interests.

• The series just started filming but there's already a trailer for the first few episodes!

ontd, do you think the creators of the show intentionally picked the names of Rory's half sister, and one of the girls from Bunheads for their main characters?

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