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mini-disney round up: 'cheaper by the dozen' and 'new mutants' news

  • black•ish producer gail lerner (happy endings and will & grace) has been hired to direct disney's cheaper by the dozen reboot

  • black•ish and grownish creator kenya barris and jenifer rice-genzuk will pen the script and donald j. lee jr. (the greatest showman, and the art of racing in the rain) along with barris will serve as producers.

  • the reboot is part of disney's content strategy for disney+, which will include live action remakes of lady & the tramp, night at the museum, diary of a wimpy kid, and home alone; mid-budget family oriented programming.

  • now, that it has been revealed that x-men: dark phoenix was a huge loss at the box office for the disney as revealed by ceo bob iger during their earnings call last week, the next question is what happens to new mutants? the final film in fox's x-men universe.

  • new mutants has gone through it’s fair share of post-production hiccups, including major reshoots, and release date changes, amongst others.

  • now, according to variety, the studio isn’t expecting much from their newly acquired film: "disney is optimistic that handing fox superhero properties such as fantastic four and x-men to marvel studios president kevin feige will improve the quality of these movies, but bumps must be smoothed over in that transition. the studio is unimpressed with new mutants, an x-men spinoff with a haunted-house vibe, and believes it has limited box office potential."

  • it’ll be interesting to see what disney decides to do next: release it in theaters in hopes that comic book and movie fans flock to it like their marvel cinematic universe? or do they release on disney+ or hulu like so many have rumored before. either way dark phoenix has given disney a reason to worry with future fox properties, as they’ve already reportedly cancelled a handful of films from fox that include mega man, flash gordon, and magic: the gathering, amongst many others.

  • new mutants is set to hit theaters on april 3rd, 2020…which no one believes will actually stick.

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i would've loved a mega man movie, even if it was shitty.
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