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Mitski Denies Sexual Abuse and Trafficking Allegations

tw: child sexual assault

more background info:

• a user on tumblr posted her account of being a child sex trafficking victim and claims that one of her abusers was mitski

• she went on to state that mitski abused her starting when the victim was 11 and mitski was 21, attending college at suny purchase. the victim further states that mitski's parents facilitated the trafficking and that mitski's father also sexually abused her. she states that she spent a summer with mitski in her dorm room or an apartment/house near the campus

• she claims this was possible because her parents created false identification for her to get her over state lines and register her at the college

• there are many inconsistencies in her story (stating that the abuse started at 9 or 11, saying that she attended suny purchase as a student while being 11 years old then amending it to say she attended a summer camp held on campus, stating she saw mitski after a show in memphis but a band mate or person touring with her states that he was with mitski the whole night until they left memphis, and other things) but the victim states that this is expected because she is dealing with trauma and suffering from a serious brain injury caused by a stroke

• the user deleted all her posts, screenshots are on the tumblr linked below

sources: twitter post, tumblr that's keeping track of the whole thing
Tags: music / musician (alternative and indie), scandal, sensitive content
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