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Chris Cuomo gets called "Fredo", compares the term to the n-word

  • CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was secretly filmed by a bunch of conservatives trying to get him to flip out

  • The men approached him and called him Fredo (not captured) and Cuomo goes on to say "It's like the n-word for my people" (Cuomo is an American with Italian ancestry)

  • Things got heated the way it can when two dumbass men are posturing but ultimately nothing happened (Cuomo did go on to basically call the guy a punk bitch which was kind of funny)

  • The term "Fredo" is a reference from The Godfather movie where Fredo Corleone was the loser brother who kept fucking things up for the rest of the family

  • Because he has nothing else to do and he's a total joke Donald Trump weighed in saying that Cuomo was a Fredo

  • CNN was reached for comment and basically said they don't give a fuck since it was an obvious set up


True facts: I still have never seen the Godfather the whole way through.
Tags: news / news anchors

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