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'are you the one?' s08e09: 'games players play' recap

welcome back to another week of me and my feelings about hot, young, sexually fluid people! it's the penultimate episode of the season--or there are three more episodes left--i'm honestly not sure, but either way we're one week closer to the end and i'm so sad! i love these hot messes that don't love themselves and i'm not ready to say goodbye to them and their stupid shenanigans!

and it feels good--as always, there will be spoilers for last night's episode, now let's get in:

last week's episode ended on a cliffhanger: during the litty under the sea house party, nour got drunk and started acting out (as usual). harassing jasmine over kai's community dick. despite the title of the show [serious potential spoiler](and, ironically, jasmine and nour being a likley match according to some alogorithms) jasmine had to remind nour that she is not the one and will beat the breaks off dat ass. we pick up with that fight already in progress.

  • kai ducking and dodging like neo after he learned kung-fu.

  • once nour finally realizes she needs to be confronting kai and kai lying to her face again places her anger where it belongs.

  • nour is actually being reasonable while confronting kai. and she's right--it wasn't until nour took sex off of the table that kai went hard on jasmine.

  • petty paige! welcome to the party--we're very happy to have you. snacks and refreshments are readily available.

  • danny being the voice of reason--called it--everyone in the house is chasing someone else who's chasing someone else.

  • jenna and danny getting to the root of kai's problem. poor danny, fittin' to be stuck with that mess.

  • then kari recognizing remy's attractive traits right while he's actively pursuing paige and just proving danny right.

  • jax's telephone kiss with kari and paige was hot!

  • danny being proven right again!--amber knows's jax is canon!--why would you do this?! i think max would be (begrudgingly) down to share as long as he's not excluded.

  • i thought for sure justin woulda fucked up! go him! growth!

  • nour curbing kai

  • jenna curbing kai

  • jasmine's self-awareness for not tying fire to nour's ass

  • danny looks extra tasty in that mascara.

  • jenna made a good point about kai potentially fucking up the game for everyone with his antics, which i realized but kinda forgot about with all the delicious drama he was stirring. they have no time left and he's still not playing seriously.

  • paige and remy's date was cute and their potential couple name, raige, is even cuter.

  • house angel, basit coming down from true love lane on cloud 9 to read kai.

  • kai's deflection during what should have been a come to maturity moment.

  • justin showing emotional intelligence...?!

  • #learningandgrowing2019 (thanks for the shout jenna)

  • kai needs a proper hug from iyanla

  • kai--?!

  • ok, jonathan's redemption arc is complete (with extra credit to spare) .

  • call 'em out paige! out here blocking their blessings by overlooking you!

  • i love the side-eye nour gave kai when jenna called kai out for saying he loves her then going back to jasmine. (*hoping kai doesn't turn jasmine into his monica_sideline_ho.mp3)

  • at least they didn't blackout, but still only at three beams with three weeks left...?

  • and that's a wrap until next week

  • a lot to look forward to next week, the biggest being jax finally having their confirmation ceremony.

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ontd, what were your favorite parts of this week's episode? who do you think are the remaining perfect matches at this point?
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