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Source: Liam Hemsworth is "hurt, but not surprised" following split from Miley Cyrus

A source close to Liam Hemsworth says that he isn't really surprised over Miley's recent behavior following the split.

"Liam loves Miley and is hurt, but he knows that she does this...Miley and Liam very recently separated. Miley's behavior is no shock to Liam. He is hurt but not surprised. The last several months they've been talking about taking a break."

The source continues: "Liam's been frustrated with some of her antics and, in turn, Miley claims she 'needs her space.' This seems to be a pattern in their relationship."

The source also adds that they believe the couple may get back together in the future. They say that Miley and Liam will always love each other. The source says that their friends feel that they would get back together and Miley and Kaitylnn are just having fun.

ONTD: What antics do you think Liam was frustrated with?

Update: Liam makes a statment on Instagram. Thanks lillymoo

Sources: 1,2
Tags: breakup, celebrity social media, liam hemsworth, miley cyrus

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