Beauty Post! Tan France shares his home-made face mask recipe

Tan France of Netflix's Queer Eye has recently begun a Youtube career in which he shares aspects about his life, including his beauty routines. Tan says he's been using this mask for about a decade, and it's 'the best', making him feel invigorated and smooth at an inexpensive price point.

What you'll need:
- Greek yogurt
- A lightly steeped green tea bag, opened up into the yoghurt

Mix up, apply with a spatula, leave it in the fridge if you have any left over, and use once a week! Tan leaves his on for a couple of minutes, he says sometimes it feels tingly due to the bacteria in the yogurt, and that's normal. If you have very sensitive skin, he doesn't recommend this. Remove with the same spatula and hot water, cleanse with your regular cleanser, wash that off with cold water, followed by your regular moisturizer.