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ONTD Original: Great use of songs in TV Shows - Part 1

"Breathe (2AM)" by Anna Nalick
Grey's Anatomy
Remember those first seasons of Grey's? This song has been in my phone since 2006 when she took the bomb out of the patient and it killed Kyle Chandler.

"Chances" by Athlete
Doctor Who
In one of Doctor Who's most emotional moments, they took Van Gogh to the future to show him how he became one of the best painters ever.

"Open Your Eyes" by Snow Patrol
Sure, most people will go with that moment when Mark died, but this season final was something else and somehow made E.R. buzz-worthy again with a shooting in the E.R. and pregnant Abby fainting in front of her baby's dad.

"Make Your own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass
The seconds season premiere and introduction to Desmond gave us something so out of character that it has stuck with people for years later.

"Breathe Me" by Sia
Six Feet Under
BEST. SERIES. FINALE. EVER. PERIOD. And the song is a huge part of why those final scenes are so damn powerful.

"Don't Stop Believing" by Journey
Glee/The Sopranos
Sure, it caused a lot of debate when The Sopranos aired that polarizing ending using Journey's song, but the song became a lot more popular years later when Glee used it as the main song for the New Directions.

"Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas
Every single time a season finale of Supernatural airs, this song comes on and next year it'll come up one last time.

"The Funeral" by Band of Horses
Take a pick, it's been in almost every show. According to Wikipedia...
* 90210 (Season 1, episode 24: "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer")
* The Best Years (Season 1, episode 13: "Mommy Dearest")
* Criminal Minds (Season 2, episode 15: "Revelations")
* FlashForward (Season 1, episode 22: "Future Shock")
* Gossip Girl (Season 3, episode 22: "Last Tango, Then Paris" - Sung by Serena Ryder)
* Kyle XY (Season 2, episode 9: "Ghost In The Machine")
* Mercy (Season 1, episode 16 : "I'm Fine")
* Blue Mountain State (Season 3, episode 9 : "The C-Word")
* My Life as Liz (Season 1, episode 4: "Liz's Got Talent (Part 2)" - Sung by Liz Lee)
* Numb3rs (Season 4, episode 11: "Breaking Point")
* One Tree Hill (Season 4, episode 7: "All These Things That I've Done")
* Standoff (Season 1, episode 12: "No Strings")
* How I Met Your Mother (Season 8, Episode 1: "Farhampton")
* Angel from Hell (Season 1, Episode 1: "Pilot")
* The Night Shift (Season 1, Episode 2: "Second Chances")

i'll put the one from HIMYM cause it's the only one i could find:

"The Final Countdown" by Europe
Arrested Development
Remember when AD was good and not problematic? Those Fox years were everything and Gob's magic tricks were everything to me.

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ONTD, any songs you've heard on TV that have stuck with you?
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