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megan thee stallion covers the latest digital issue of 'paper magazine'

leader of the hotties and hot girl herself, megan thee stallion, talks to paper magazine about her rise, her influence, her knees and more.

  • megan was supposed to drop her third mixtape, fever, (available on all major streaming platforms now) in january, but it was delayed until may 17th, just in time for her ethos to take hold of the masses in the form of hot girl summer. "being a hot girl is about being unapologetically you...having fun, being confident, living your truth, being the life of the party etc."

  • [on "hot boy summer" (it should be noted that the term "hot girl summer" is non-gendered)]  "i don't know what made it a competition," megan laughs. "it was the stupid boys. it just turned into a whole big ol' thing. now if it was a competition, i would definitely say that the hot girls have been in the lead. the hot boys is acting up...they showing some very ratchet behavior that has not been that cute. they talking about they wins and they doing grimy stuff. i'm like, 'no baby, that's not how you get points.'"

  • [on her knees] "they keep asking me about my knees," she says, cracking up. "i be like: 'well you know, just drinking a lot of water...i don't know how that's going to work for everybody else, but it works for me," she responds, without a hint of sarcasm. "drink a lot of water. drink some orange juice. eat your vegetables. drive a boat."

  • "...real fuckin' hot girl shit, bitch/real fuckin' ratchet shit, bitch/come in the club and get it clapping and shit, bitch..."--"a good time in the hot girl universe is objectification of the highest order."

  • [on touchy fans] "it doesn't bother me," she explains. "the only time it probably would bother me a little bit is if the venue is too crowded. they all trying to touch me at one time, now they're getting into it, you know what I'm saying? stuff like that, but no. let's have a good time."

  • [the influence of the hot girl movement] brands like wendy's and maybelline have used "hot girl summer" in social posts to support the movement, or more likely, to join the discussion in attempts to keep their companies relevant. on july 22, reports stated that megan would be filing to trademark the term. "it's going — it's not a day process," she explains. "i didn't even think that it would be something that was this big. i just be talking. the hotties run with it and love it, now everybody is a hottie. i'm flattered. i appreciate it: spread the awareness, spread the movement."

  • [on her mother's influence, former rapper holly wood] "we used to be in the car, going back and forth all the time," she takes a deep breath. "sis...i feel like off the strength that my mom was a rapper, and the music that her and my dad put in my ear as a child, it was bound to happen. me watching her write and me watching her go in the studio and lay her verses down. just to see how dedicated she was, that was normal to me. that just became the thing that i saw around my house. we bumping pimp c, we listening to three 6 all the time, we listening to biggie. you know what i'm saying? i've always been a big fan of music. just me growing up and turning into meg thee stallion, this is a product of my environment."

  • [on dream collaborations and "hot girl summer"] she's arrived at a point that a beyoncé collaboration is within her reach ("just pray for me," she says), and a rihanna collab is at the top of her brain. "i love rihanna...the bad girl and the hot girl, that would be something." "there is so much going on with ["hot girl summer"], but i literally think I'm going to extend the summer until october. i think i can do that. fuck it. why not?"

  • [on the future] she's being positioned by fans and hip-hop media as the figure who could make a new version of "ladies night," the 1997 lil' kim-helmed woman-focused posse cut, happen. "you know, i've been hearing it," she says. "i've been seeing it. now, i really want it to be a thing. if it were up to me, we would literally have 20 motherfuckers on the song." "my voice is a little deeper," she admits. "when i talk, i have to mean what I say and say what I mean. the point has to be clear across. i don't want to use a squeaky voice, because i need you to know i'm being deadass serious."

  • watch a behind the scenes snippet from the cover shoot below:

  • read the full article at the source

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happy hot girl summer, ya big ole freaks!
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