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peaches debuts her first solo art exhibition, 'whose jizz is this?'

  • electronic musician, performance artist, and feist's former roommate, peaches has announced her first-ever solo art exhibition, titled whose jizz is this? at the kunstverein, in hamburg, germany.

  • whose jizz is this? is a multi-disciplinary piece that sees peaches employ set design, animatronics, and latex sculpture in addition to music and video. a combination of performance and visual art that is set to display “an amplified way of looking at and understanding peaches‘ universe and the critical thought that informs her work.”

  • [press release statement] “at the heart of this presentation are the ‘fleshies,’ who have renamed themselves as such to rewrite their narrative...the double masturbator, silicone sex aid, reduces the body to holes in a passive state. rejecting this, the fleshies discard words like 'sex toys' and 'masturbators' to break away from humans and human interactions in a quest to find sexual equality amongst themselves. as they work to become a satisfied, self sufficient community, fleshies decentralize a destructive and narcissistic human world and start a revolution.”

  • in addition to the exhibition, peaches is staging a performance titled there’s only one peach with the hole in the middle at kampnagel in hamburg from august 15th-17th. the show is set to feature 13 musicians, 10 performers and guests such as new york drag rapper christeene and london based aerial performer empress stah. performances in london, aarhus, and berlin are scheduled to follow the hamburg premiere.

  • whose jizz is this? will be open to the public from august 10th to october 20th with international exhibition dates to be announced in the weeks to come.

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creatives of ontd, what have you made recently? favorite peaches songs/moments?
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