L Word Generation Q Showrunner Sees the Show as a Response to "Terf" Lesbians

“We have had long conversations about TERF lesbians,” Ryan said. “We are very plugged in to that, the world and the conversations that are coming out of the divide. I strongly stand on the side of inclusivity and the side that we are always better together. We do not explicitly reference TERF lesbians, but my point is to say that the act of making the show is my response to TERF lesbians.”

In Hollywood there are issues of cis actors playing trans characters. Scarlett Johannson dropped out of Rub & Tug after outcry and Jeffrey Tambor said he hoped to be the last cis actor cast as a trans character when he won an Emmy for Transparent. Ryan is exploring the reverse.

“We do have trans actors playing cis parts,” Ryan said. “So we are exploring trans lesbians on the show in a way that does not identify necessarily trans lesbians on the show. I’m interested in the exploration of trans actors as cis characters. I think that that is another way in which our show moves forward and will continue to move forward.”

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