Disney Animator Marlon West breaks down Princess Dress Animations

  • Talks about the color change of Cinderella's dress (There's a dissolve and a color shift!)

  • West was the lead animator on The Princess and The Frog, how the pixie dust are interspersed with water droplets when they turn Tiana, the first and only black princess, into a frog. I'm still bitter.

  • Actual Candy Princess Vanellope in Wreck It Ralph is an overt callback to Cinderella's transformation, but in CGI, with electrical effects and bright lights amidst her pixie dust.

  • Talks about the entire sequence of Elsa transforming in Frozen, doesn't mention her hair going through her arm. Points out the pixie dust and snow. A lot of the effects after the dress change aren't from actual effects, but the lighting.