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Ontd original: #ArianaGrandeisoverparty. What does it mean?

Y’all drag Ariana over rumours constantly which are not even proven and you expect her NOT to eventually snap? Celebrities are people... Also stop exaggerating, what she said wasn’t even harsh #arianagrandeisoverparty

— R (fan account) (@arianaspilltea) August 9, 2019


_ #Arianaisoverparty took over Twitter. Mostly to ask why Ariana was over.

_ It started with a tweet from someone who asked why Ariana had plagiarized close to you by Frank ocean .

_ Somehow with all the work she has Grande saw this tweet and responded."I didn't . We changed the interlude bc I prefer adore. Please stop making s**t up Everytime I log off for a few hours and u get bored".

_ The user was hurt and  said they would never listen to rumors again and tweeted they loved Grande and that Grande hated them.

_Grande, still somehow not in a studio or interview or rehearsal, responded" Naw, I love u. Just exhausting seeing people talk. Love u to the Moon and back.

Is it over. Of course not!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

K pop fans were accused of making the hashtag for revenge for the Chinese artist Kris Wu,( who was in the Korean/ Chinese boy band Exo) who was said to have been accused of using bots to beat grande on i_tunes. She even liked a tweet about it!

throwback to when ariana and her manager accused a chinese singer, kris wu, of using bots because "no chinese artist should be charting higher than ariana, that's just not possible!" and then ariana liked tweets attacking him when he was innocent! and then she used bots! crazy!

— 𝓁𝑒𝑜 (@jsoulfront) August 9, 2019


_Than someone said a Taylor Swift fan started the whole thing with this tweet.

" I feel so bad for the girl.what the f**k 😭 If Taylor replied to me like that I would be so sad and deadass feel like my life is ruined.

Also for the people who are wondering who started this shit show. Guess what, it was a taykor swift fan #arianagrandeisoverparty

— Sheri A. Bearden (@sheri_bearden) August 9, 2019



Tags: ariana grande, celebrity social media, cpop / jpop / kpop, taylor swift
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