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quavo to executive produce an animated series about the culture and music of atlanta

  • quavo will executive produce an upcoming kids’ show about atlanta’s vibrant culture and hip-hop scene.

  • the program will be targeted toward 8-12 year olds, and will feature original music.

  • [quavo said in a statement] i have long seen how hip-hop as well as [migos’] music really impacts kids...i’ve loved animation my whole life whether on tv or in movies, and i wanted my first jump into this premium content world to be a show just for kids. it will definitely reflect the creativity, love, and families in and around the nawf side of atlanta where we grew up.”


i for one am hoping this is more hammerman and less class of 3000.

ontd, what channel/streaming service do you think will mishandle this well intentioned and welcome surprise?
Tags: animation, black celebrities, music / musician, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), television
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