OK KO! Let's Be Heroes Is Ending

-OK KO! Let's Be Heroes is slated to end this year.

-The show, created by animator and storyboard artist Ian Jones-Quartey, premiered in 2017 on Cartoon Network after much deliberation to get it on the network.

-The story is set in futuristic 20XX and centered around young KO, determned to be "the greatest hero of all time", while working at Lakewood Plaza Turbo with his two friends, Enid and Rad. It delighted many fans with its homages and throwbacks to video games, comics, anime, and tv shows from the 90/00s.

-No word when the episodes 100th episode, its second to last, is slated to premiere.


OP Note: Pour one out for another mismanaged CN show that isn't TTG. This makes me kind of sad. It wasn't my fav but it was a sweet fun show that deserved way more care than it was given.