Melissa McCarthy and Elisabeth Moss promote 'The Kitchen'

  • They are promoting The Kitchen where they, along with Tiffany Haddish (who isn't there, boo) play mob wives who take over their husbands business when they go to jail 

  • McCarthy and Moss bonded when McCarthy was considering buying a lifesize yellow fiberglass horse off of Etsy

  • They discuss their obsession with Etsy (James Cordon doesn't know what it is???)

  • McCarthy discusses getting into trouble behind the scenes of the Gilmore Girls when she was taking a smoke break while fake pregnant and having a trolley full of fans on the WB lot totally appalled to see her smoking

  • Moss knew Alexis Bledel as a co-worker and friend before watching GG but now she only sees her as Rory Gilmore

  • Elisabeth Moss isn't big on birthdays

  • Melissa McCarthy bakes her kids cakes from scratch but they don't always turn out okay

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ONTD do you shop on Etsy?