“Southern Charm” and “Below Deck Med” Round Up Post!

After a raucous night in Colorado, Cameran and Whitney decide to hightail it back to Charleston while the rest of the gang hits the hot springs. When it becomes clear that Austen and Madison’s road to reconciliation won’t be an easy one, Shep gloats. An infuriated Madison repeats a rumored secret that not only throws Shep under the bus, but Danni too. After this bomb is dropped, Austen is left to pick up the pieces, and the rest of the Charmers to take sides.

Watch the cast above react to Madison telling Shep that he allegedly gave Danni chlamydia.

Anastasia claps back at the guests' complaints about her food and João dishes on having to physically remove that guest from the yacht in the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show.

ONTD, are you watching Below Deck Med / Southern Charm? Can we all agree that Shep is the absolute worst and has to go? Do you think Captain Sandy will replace Anastasia as chef? Who will be fired next?

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