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zoë kravitz is launching a lipstick collection

  • as part of her brand ambassadorship with saint laurent, zoë kravitz is launching a lipstick collection with ysl beauté.

  • i’ve been working with ysl beauté for a while now, and i really wanted to get more involved and more creative,” kravitz added. “this collection is for anyone who wants to be playful; anyone who wants to express themselves.”

  • the collaboration will include six new shades of ysl’s rouge pur couture—three reds and three nudes in satin, matte and shimmer satin finishes, in black packaging inspired by ysl’s niki bag, apparently one of kravitz’s favorites, as is the bestselling lipstick line. “rouge pur couture is one of my favorite products,” she said. “the texture is so beautiful. it doesn’t get too dry; it’s not too shiny. it’s kind of perfect.”

  • while we don’t yet know when they’ll land stateside, u.k. fans can express themselves with zoë’s new shades on september 1st at harrods.

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ontd are you going to support this self-effacing gorgeous person?

feel free to turn this into a beauty/makeup/skincare post.
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