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Celebrities React: Green Shirt Guy Goes Viral on Twitter

A couple of MAGA CHUDs showed up at a City Council meeting regarding a sanctuary city measure on the November 2019 ballot in Tucson. Everyone booed. Green Shirt Guy's reaction is delightful. #BanjoGuy also trended.

Asked by Mashable why he was laughing so hard, Alex Kack said he was laughing at the absurdity of the situation: "Who has the time in their day to come into a public space just to spread hatred and negativity? Like honestly what happened that made them so ridiculous and hateful?"

Kack is a field organizer working to keep immigrant and refugee families together in Tucson: "I think it's a bold statement of morality that our community needs to make, given our history with the larger sanctuary movement and the community that lives here it's something that we need to pass. Families deserve to be together and all people deserve the right to feel safe."

Celebrity reactions under the cut!!! Yes, they're all equally famous, and I needed 5 celeb reactions so

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