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Nicholas Cage Said Things in an Interview

I read this roller coaster of an interview
Come, follow me into this lair 🚶🏼‍♀️

[Spoiler (click to open)]
➡️ He talks about acting, philosophy, and his search for the Holy Grail (not a euphemism)

➡️ Cage has been in 20 films in the last 2 years. That is not a typo. Filmography link here
🎥 His career covers nearly every genre
Art house Wild at Heart
Romantic comedy Honeymoon in Vegas
Bleak Oscar winning drama Leaving Las Vegas
Smarty pants comedy Adaptation
Action blockbuster Con Air
High concept Face/Off
Character indie film Joe
Horror Mandy
😳 He has owned cobras, castles, had to return a (stolen) dinosaur skull, made and lost a fortune, has a tomb in New Orleans for his eventual death, wears a giant dragon ring

➡️ He’s going to TIFF. The one in Transylvania, not Toronto (sorry scriptedending)

➡️ Nephew of the esteemed Francis Ford Coppola. He likes being an enigma, he cultivates it on purpose.

➡️ Tells a story about Warren Beatty and the beauty of Beatty becoming wildly famous before social media ruined everything for everybody

🎤 Got caught wailing singing to Prince’s Purple Rain when he was just out with a buddy looking to blow off steam, have fun, at a place that had no videotaping, but someone did anyway, it became a thing

😳 Says his pet cobras tried to kill him and he used to get high on mushrooms. Except he doesn’t do drugs, only drinks occasionally. Then explains his murderous cobras, and his cat who wanted the mushrooms, so he did do mushrooms (my head hurts lol).

➡️ He’s happy to improvise, knows films, likes to plant easter eggs, but defers to the Director as the final decision maker

➡️ Tells a story about Uncle Francis making him do Peggy Sue Got Married. It’s wild, includes Pokey from The Gumby Show

➡️ Talks Stockhausen effect in Rage. Yes, for real.

➡️ The Bees meme is mentioned, they discuss Wicker Man, Charlie and Martin Sheen, Johnny Depp and Monopoly and A Nightmare on Elm Street, acting styles of Western Kabuki and nouveau shamanic

⚠️ About that stolen dinosaur skull, he out-bid Leo DiCaprio at a legit auction. Only to discover that it had been abducted from Mongolia illegally, so he had to give it back, lost $276,000.

➡️ Went through a phase where he meditated 3x a day and went on his own personal National Treasure quest, following mythology. Which led him to Rhode Island, which he thought was beautiful and thus bought property there.

🎥 Hopes to make 150 films, so far he’s at 90 films

➡️ He doesn’t have social media on purpose, truly wants to be a private person as far as his personal life is concerned

😀 He took a line delivery from John Stamos in a Neet commercial and put it in his performance in Peggy Sue Got Married

➡️ Speaks of being in therapy back in the day. Eventually wondered why was he talking to (them), he was more interesting than the boring therapist, so he left.

☮️ This was a hippy trippy existential ride ☮️
Ontd what is your favorite Nicholas Cage film? Raising Arizona is soooooooo funny to me.
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