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Mindy Kaling and Tracey Wigfield talk “Four Weddings and a Funeral” with THR

first question asked, “what’s your most romantic comedy moment irl.” i didn’t care enough about the answer to transcribe, same for the following question, “what was your [mindy and tracey’s] meet cute?”

third question asks, “what did you hope to accomplish with your diverse [four weddings and a funeral] cast?” mindy talks about the difficulties adapting a beloved story and add, “we definitely wanted an African-American woman to be the star, and we wanted a British Pakistani man to be the male lead. That felt different and worth doing.”

fourth question is actually funny, “can you confirm nathalie emmanuel is not the funeral in four weddings and a funeral?” to which tracey and mindy exclaim [Spoiler (click to open)]that she IS the funeral and is killed the exact same way as in GOT.

i blacked out, but then the interview segues to the “play within the play” in the show, Love, Chalet a take on uk phenomena Love Island. tracey admits she had never seen the show before and the other british writers brought it to her.

final question asks their fave romcom quote. mindy answers “i like you very much. just as you are.” from bridget jones’ diary. and tracey says, “driving you home is my favorite part of the day,” from love, actually.


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honestly, i made this post to talk about four weddings and a funeral and love island (UK ONLY) so please indulge me

fave rom com quote?
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